Cherie Aimée

Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, International Speaker, Forbes Featured Brand Influencer, and Co-Author of God’s Fingerprints: Impressions of Near Death Experiences.

She's the Founder of Live Big Be Happy, an inspirational brand, and strategic social media advisor to several major organizations and top innovative business leaders. Recently, Cherie was named Top 25 Most Influencive Influencer of 2017, Top 40 “Honorary” Millennial Influencer to Follow in 2018, and 18 Extraordinary Women You Need to Know Now.

Cherie has been approached by the History Channel and featured by various media outlets including Forbes, ABC7, Dr. Oz Show, The Morning Show, Thrive Global, Influencive, and Boss Babe®.

After facing adversities such as cancer, cardiac arrest, and receiving the gift of life through a heart transplant, Cherie is now on a mission to inspire 1 billion lives around the world.

Cherie is Member of the Board of Directors for a division of Columbia University Medical Center, Brand Influencer for New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital, VIP Partner/Contributor to one of the fastest growing online media outlets,, and Media Contributor to Thrive Global.

You can learn more about her at and connect with her daily on Twitter @xocherieaimee.