Jose Hernandez

NDE Bestows Gift for Art and Calling to Lead Others on a Spiritual Path.

Jose Hernandez, born in the South Bronx in the ‘50s, was an electrical engineer with no background or pedigree in art. After a near-death experience in January 2000, and a long difficult physical recovery, his life path changed dramatically. In 2003 he discovered IANDS through a therapist he was seeing where he was privileged to meet Dr. Barbara Rommer and Dr. Joyce Newcomb; and, he started attending IANDS group meetings in south Florida.

In 2004 Jose began creating art as a meditative tool which he now employs in the mindfulness practice he developed with his wife. Over the past 14 years Jose has worked with over 800 clients using the Inner Immersion mindfulness modality. His art has been exhibited in galleries across the US and hangs in permanent installations at the Cleveland Clinic and other healing centers including a new installation at the Health and Community Centre, Kelowna, British Columbia.

Jose recently began holding two monthly IANDS group meetings in Penticton and Kelowna, British Columbia.