Pam Kircher, MD

Since Pam’s NDE at age 6 during an episode of meningitis, she has spent the next 67 years exploring a wide range of fields of interest including medicine, spirituality, tai chi, and complementary modalities, to mention a few. After graduating with her MD from Baylor College of Medicine in 1979, she has been a family practice doctor, a hospice physician, a speaker on behalf of NDEs and hospice, an author of “Love is the Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares her Experience of Near-Death and Dying,” helped to establish a Healing Therapy program for in-patients at Mercy Hospital in Durango, CO and assisted in bringing Tai Chi for Health to many communities (including the Navajo nation) as a Master Trainer of instructors. With her typical NDEr values that include a lack of interest in material success she has had no qualms about changing fields when her interest pulled her elsewhere. With the typical NDEr’s interest in being of service to others, she has done mission work in Guatemala and Fiji as well as currently facilitating Conscious Aging circles for elders in her community. With her interest in spirituality, she practices meditations of all sorts including traditional breath meditation, qigong and tai chi, walking the labyrinth, and Dances of Universal Peace. Because of her love of nature, she left urban life in Houston some 24 years ago to live in southwest Colorado. She and her husband of over 40 years, Mark, have lived at One-in-the-Spirit, their ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for over 8 years now since his retirement from orthopedic surgery. She loves immersing herself in nature, meditating, practicing qigong and sacred dance, facilitating Conscious Aging circles, and creating a soul memoir.