Robin Landsong

"When I was eight years old, an American man abducted me and took me to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He eventually abandoned me there, but I was taken in and cared for by the people of a small tribal village.

It was the height of the Rhodesian Bush War and this was a dangerous time. One day, a soldier spotted me alone by a river and shot me. The bullet grazed my head and I began to die from blood loss. People from my village found me and saved my life. Some days later the soldiers attacked my village. I still don’t know if anyone else survived. I was found unconscious, cared for by people of a nearby village, and eventually taken to a hospital in South Africa. From there, I was returned to the United States.

Through the amazing work of many kind people, I have found someone who remembers me: her name is Maemu. She remembers playing with me after her grandmother rescued me from the remains of my village and took care of my gunshot wound. Maemu’s account matched remarkably with my own. She has also provided helpful details regarding what happened.

This April my husband and I have an incredible invitation to stay with the couple who helped us locate Maemu. This is our window of opportunity to meet with Maemu, and perhaps find survivors from my village.

I believe that by doing this journey, something that has been incomplete may become whole, and I will be able to share it in a way that benefits others. I am feeling excited, and grateful. "